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Artisanal honey

It is one of the far products of Made in Craft, the artisanal honey is made by certified artisans, beekeepers with a real passion for good honey.

The Made in Craft team called on the Rucher du Chanteloup for its artisanal honey and its many gold medals. Since 2009, the Chanteloup apiary has been active in the province of Liège. Their beehives are located on different axes of the Vesdre valley between the high fens plateau and the city of Liège. They work with the Buckfast Bee for its various characteristics it has, including its softness and low tendency to swarm.

All our honeys come from a selection of certified craftsmen, coming from different regions of Europe protected eco-responsible, some we received the gold medal for their honey.

We offer a variety of products from honey, such as honeys of exception to different flowers, thyme, orange, lavender, etc. we also offer other honey products, such as homemade sweets, cosmetics, etc.


Miel Artisanal certifié

100% Belgian artisanal honey

Artisanal honey from the Rucher de Chanteloup is one of the first products known to the Made in Craft family. A certified 100% artisanal honey, it has received several titles such as gold medals awarded by the non-profit organization Cari.

For this category, we have a Honey of any Flower, it is obtained from the nectar of different flowers: Brambles, Clovers, Lime, Bourdaine, Chestnut. We have a very sweet honey with a country flavor, which can suit all palates.

We also offer a novelty, Aubépine Honey, slightly amber, with a very fragrant smell. It will be perfect with small toast or a good hot drink.

Miel d'exception

Exceptional honey

Our exceptional honey range is harvested in different regions of Europe depending on the blooms and the climate. Thyme and Orange blossom honey is harvested in different regions of Spain. Robinia honey is harvested in Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. Finally, LavenderFir and Chestnut honey are harvested in France and northern Italy.

Each exceptional honey is potted by our beekeeper the Rucher du Chanteloup, a professional craftsman in his field who analyzes each honey he produces.

Exceptional honeys all have particular characteristics and different benefits, do not hesitate to discover them: Exceptional honey.

Honey candy

Honey Artisanal candy

The Made in Craft team has succumbed to the artisanal sweets of the artisan Le Rucher du Chanteloup, our beekeeper makes his sweets with his own honey and uses natural flavors as well as 100% natural colorings.

Our "Certified Artisan" range of honey-based confectionery is produced by the Chanteloup apiary located in Stembert, Belgium.

We offer you a wide range of artisanal candies with unique and particular flavors. We can find tastes like: Honey-raspberry, Honey-speculoos, Honey-Eucalyptus, Honey-Lemon, Honey-Propolis, ...

Miel Artisanal toutes fleurs 25Gr
All-flower honey is effective in the treatment of digestive disorders, sore throats and sleep disorders. It is also used to sweeten your herbal tea.
Miel artisanal d'Acacia 25Gr
From Hungary (Europe) Acacia honey potted by Siroperie d'Aubel.
Acacia honey is one of the best known and most appreciated hive products in the world. This mono-floral honey bears the name of the tree from which it is collected. It is produced in France (in Burgundy), but more widely in Hungary.
soothes and calms certain pains
regulates bowel function (constipation problem)
stimulates the appetite
strengthens the skeleton and helps growth
stabilizes gastric secretions
combats diseases of the respiratory system, especially in children
helps liver detoxification
Honey exception Robinier harvest
Honey rich in fructose and glucose
Robinier honey has a golden yellow color, a sweet taste, sweet, without acidity and no after taste
Honey of exception - harvest Lavender Haute Provence
Honey delicate, tasty and not very fruity
Light-colored at harvest (golden yellow), but whitens under the effect of crystallization. Lavender honey has a delicate, very pleasant taste and a smooth texture.