Certified artisanal honey %separator% Belgian, 100% Natural

Miel Artisanal certifié

100% Belgian artisanal honey

Artisanal honey from the Rucher de Chanteloup is one of the first products known to the Made in Craft family. A certified 100% artisanal honey, it has received several titles such as gold medals awarded by the non-profit organization Cari.

For this category, we have a Honey of any Flower, it is obtained from the nectar of different flowers: Brambles, Clovers, Lime, Bourdaine, Chestnut. We have a very sweet honey with a country flavor, which can suit all palates.

We also offer a novelty, Aubépine Honey, slightly amber, with a very fragrant smell. It will be perfect with small toast or a good hot drink.

Hand-made Hawthorn Honey la Ruche du Chanteloup - limited edition
Honey with a sweet flavor and a fruity touch
Hawthorn honey is slightly amber honey, a very fragrant smell reveals a soft discreet but tenacious flavor.
This honey, by its sweetness, generally accompanies toast or hot drinks to give this sweet taste.
Honey all flowers - hive Chanteloup
Honey of the Rucher Chanteloup 
This honey is an artisanal product harvested and produced in Stembert in the province of Liège in Belgium. A beekeeper who takes care of his bees and his honey.