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Miel d'exception

Exceptional honey

Our exceptional honey range is harvested in different regions of Europe depending on the blooms and the climate. Thyme and Orange blossom honey is harvested in different regions of Spain. Robinia honey is harvested in Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. Finally, LavenderFir and Chestnut honey are harvested in France and northern Italy.

Each exceptional honey is potted by our beekeeper the Rucher du Chanteloup, a professional craftsman in his field who analyzes each honey he produces.

Exceptional honeys all have particular characteristics and different benefits, do not hesitate to discover them: Exceptional honey.

Honey exception Robinier harvest
Honey rich in fructose and glucose
Robinier honey has a golden yellow color, a sweet taste, sweet, without acidity and no after taste
Honey of exception harvest of Orange tree
Honey rich in minerals and vitamins
Clear amber color, we could even say that it is approaching a golden color. Orange honey has a full sweetness and finely scented flavor.
It will be perfect for your treats of the day.
Honey of exception harvest of fir tree
Honey rich trace elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, ...)
Of very dark color, one could even say that it is wooded, black. The fir honey has a balsamic taste, sweet, without bitterness. A marked smell and very pleasant.
Exceptional Honey Thyme Harvest
Honey rich in copper and boron
Lightly amber color, it clears when crystallizes. Honey thyme has a delicate, sweet and pronounced flavor.
Honey exceptional chestnut harvest
Honey Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements (Vitamins B and C, Iron, Magnesium, ...)
Dark in color, ranging from dark yellow to black. The chestnut honey has a woody, full-bodied and bitter taste. A strong and pleasant smell.
Honey of exception - harvest Lavender
Honey delicate, tasty and not very fruity
Light-colored at harvest (golden yellow), but whitens under the effect of crystallization. Lavender honey has a delicate, very pleasant taste and a smooth texture.