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Made in Craft offers you a selection of artisanal products that will make you discover the know-how and culture of each craftsman.

They work with natural products from their regions, a passion that they want to share with each of us.

We are constantly on the lookout for new handcrafted products to complete our Made in Craft range.

To do this, our teams set out to meet various artisans, some of whom are experts in jams, spreads, others in PDO Nyons olive oils, or even in apple syrup and juice.

Craftsmen from different territories, from different cultures but with a common point of craftsmanship and helping you discover the quality and authenticity of their products.

Our artisans are : Bernadette de LavernetteL'artisan TartineurMoulin de haute Provence et la siroperie d'Aubel



In search of new artisanal products, to complete its range of products (honey, olive oils, spreads,...), Made in Craft has decided to take an interest in artisan jams. Something to please your taste buds.

To do this, we went to meet a Belgian craftsman Claudy Nyssen who took up the torch of the family syrup factory in 1988. The Aubel syrup factory, created in 1983, makes jams with an authentic taste and 100% artisanal. Our artisan prepares his delicious jams in a copper cauldron, they contain 60% carefully selected fruits.

Made in Craft have selected the 14 varieties offered by the Aubel syrup factory, to give visitors a wide range of products.

However, our Made in Craft collaborators do not stop at Belgium. They will take you to another continent. And to do this, we will meet you in the South of Africa in Madagascar.

Our team went to meet the artisan Bernadette de Lavernette to introduce you to his aphrodisiac jams. Brigitte Billardey made her range of homemade jams in the 2000s. She decides to use local Malagasy products (vanilla, aphrodisiac fruit,...)

Bernadette de Lavernette's jams are made in an artisanal way with fruits picked from small local producers. The know-how of the craftsman mixed with the culture of the country, gives you a harmonious jam with an exceptional taste that will make you travel.

After a long tasting with the Made in Craft team, we have selected the bestsellers from the Bernadette de Lavernette range. Unique flavors, 250 grams of happiness to take you back to childhood. Discover our selection of jams.

Olive oil

Olive Oil from Nyons - Moulin de haute Provence

The Made in Craft team offers you a new 100% artisanal product that comes straight from the Nyons region in the south of France : PDO Nyons olive oil

To do this, we give you an appointment with our craftsman "Moulin de Haute Provence". Craftsmen millers since 1977, Michel Fayant makes his Nyons olive oil with the greatest care. The olive oil emblem of the Mediterranean basin, it has been part of the customs since the dawn of time.

Made in Craft offers you an olive oil made in the heart of the Baronniers Provençale in the mill of our craftsman. It is cold extracted from the Tanche variety olive.

With the help of our collaborators, we were able to taste this very atypical oil which will take you to the Mediterranean. Nyons olive oil is smooth, finely buttered and fruity with aromas of hazelnut and green apple.

You can use it for any seasoning, both hot and cold and it mixes perfectly with raw vegetables, fish, pasta, ...

Discover the olive oils of our craftsman who received three consecutive years the gold medial of the "competition of olive oils of France in designation of origin - Nyons" in 2018,2019 and 2020.

Get to know this product.


Pom'Aubel juice

Siroperie Aubel presents its 100% natural juice with no added sugar. A juice obtained by simply pressing apples from the Aubel region and pasteurized to ensure its conservation. The Aubel syrup factory products never cease to impress us.

Pom'Aubel juice is available in a 3L container for all family and friends to enjoy. 100% artisanal, this apple juice is a product from the Aubel region.

Pom'Aubel is apples and love. That's all!

Made in Craft is committed to offering products from crafts and making you discover the know-how of all our craftsmen.


Aubel artisanal syrup

A delight to spread, to cook and to enjoy. Our syrup is made with apples and pears from our region.

An additional product in the Aubel syruperie range, natural and artisanal, it is obtained by reducing the juice of cooked pears and apples over high heat, without adding sugar or other products.

Our artisan uses fresh and seasonal fruits to give us the best flavors.

Over the years, Aubel's artisanal syrup has become a product known and recognized by consumers. The family recipe, an old-fashioned manufacturing technique, allows creaminess and an authentic taste of the product.

We can say: "syrup is like wine, it gets better with age!", The craftsman selects local apples and pears, our syrup can easily be stored for more than 10 years or even reach the 20 years.

Cpt des Epices - Gingembre moulu 40Gr - Bio
Organic ground ginger (Madagascar).
Ginger root develops a lemon scent associated with a peppery flavor. It is used in desserts (cookies) and in Asian cuisine.
Ground ginger*
*Ingredient from organic farming
Cpt des Epices - Poudre de Cacao Cannelle 125Gr - Bio
This unsweetened cocoa is ideal for desserts, ice creams, cakes.
For a delicious hot chocolate, mix 1/2 l of milk, 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey.
Raw cocoa*, cinnamon*
*Ingredient from organic farming
Cpt des Epices - Poudre de Cacao Brut 125Gr - Bio
This unsweetened cocoa is ideal for desserts, ice creams, cakes.
For a delicious hot chocolate, mix 1/2 l of milk, 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey.
100% Raw Cocoa Powder* (Peru)
*Ingredient from organic farming