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Olive Oil from Nyons - Moulin de haute Provence

The Made in Craft team offers you a new 100% artisanal product that comes straight from the Nyons region in the south of France : PDO Nyons olive oil

To do this, we give you an appointment with our craftsman "Moulin de Haute Provence". Craftsmen millers since 1977, Michel Fayant makes his Nyons olive oil with the greatest care. The olive oil emblem of the Mediterranean basin, it has been part of the customs since the dawn of time.

Made in Craft offers you an olive oil made in the heart of the Baronniers Provençale in the mill of our craftsman. It is cold extracted from the Tanche variety olive.

With the help of our collaborators, we were able to taste this very atypical oil which will take you to the Mediterranean. Nyons olive oil is smooth, finely buttered and fruity with aromas of hazelnut and green apple.

You can use it for any seasoning, both hot and cold and it mixes perfectly with raw vegetables, fish, pasta, ...

Discover the olive oils of our craftsman who received three consecutive years the gold medial of the "competition of olive oils of France in designation of origin - Nyons" in 2018,2019 and 2020.

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