Best sellers

Marseille's soap 300 Gr vert
72% Marseille soap with olive oil
The artisan "Le Serail" offers us a product recognized as soft for the skin and hypoallergenic. The extra pure Marseille soap respects all types of skin.
Syrup soft d'Aubel
Aubel Artisanal Syrup
Old fashioned, prepared with 800 g of fruit per 100 g.
White Marseille Soap 300 Gr blanc
White Marseille Soap
Soap made from vegetable oils, fragrance free, colorant free and preservative free. Our soap cube from Marseille comes from the "Le Serail" soap factory, one of the last to make this product in a traditional way.
Salted caramel wtih Guérande salt flower spread - L'artisan tartineur
With Guérande salt Have you ever spread a piece of gourmet paradise? Our sumptuous salted butter caramel with Guérande salt sends you first class close to this paradise. Generous and melt-in-the-mouth, it will go wonderfully with your pancakes, pastries and apple desserts. A whole poem!
Honey of exception - harvest Lavender
Honey delicate, tasty and not very fruity
Light-colored at harvest (golden yellow), but whitens under the effect of crystallization. Lavender honey has a delicate, very pleasant taste and a smooth texture.