List of products by brand Cereria Molla 1899

Since 1899

An illusion was born and passed from generation to generation, being more alive today than ever before. it's a family that loves their job, doing everything with the same love and wisdom that gives them an understanding of how to do things by hand.

Savons de marseille le Serail artisanal
Bougies artisanal parfumée cereria molla
Refill Provence Lavender - 200 ml - Cereria Molla 1899
Provence Lavender 
Fields of Provence Lavender in harmonious mixture with the freshness of Lemongrass. The Lavender known as “Blue Gold” evokes nature with green and citric touches of lemongrass.
Mikado Velvet Wood - 100 ml - pack Complet - Cereria Molla 1899
Velvet Wood 
Explosive combination of spicy and aromatic chords where the spices merge with lavender to achieve an extreme and deep mix. Tobacco adds masculinity to the composition. The vanilla softens the tobacco tones at the base and adds a comfortable and comfortable look to the fragrance.
Essential oil - Black Orchid & Lily 30 ml - Cereria Molla
Black Orchid & Lily
Complex fragrance that captivates with its green notes and its fruits full of naturalness. A spicy combination with a base composed of musk and woody notes has just given an elegant touch to the fragrance.