Gel douche tiaré - monoï 250 ml Le Serail - artisanal
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Gel douche tiaré - monoï 250 ml

Shower Gel : Serail

The Serail offers a Marseille soap shower gel combined with a touch of tiaré - monoï. We find a creamy texture with an exotic note with vanilla, a shower gel that will leave your skin soft and slightly scented.

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Gel douche issu de l'artisanat 

Marseille soap shower gel, with its exotic note of vanilla, is made by the craftsman "the Serail". You can use it for a daily wash of the skin. This product is prepared with vegetable oils, without animal fat, without dye. The soap master of Serail mixes hot ingredients in cauldrons according to ancient methods.

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250 ml
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