Exceptional Honey Thyme Harvest Rucher du Chanteloup - artisanal
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Exceptional Honey Thyme Harvest

Honey rich in copper and boron

Lightly amber color, it clears when crystallizes. Honey thyme has a delicate, sweet and pronounced flavor.

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The Virtues Of Thyme Honey

Thyme honey has several therapeutic virtues, it allows a quick healing (there are compresses impregnated with honey). In addition, this honey is an antioxidant that helps fight against premature aging of the skin.

Honey Thyme: The Benefits

  • Calm digestive disorders
  • Rich in vitamins helps to wake up and tone the body
  • Thyme honey is an antiseptic that helps relieve sore throats, coughs and many other symptoms of viral infections.
  • It contains vitamin A, C, D and K

Data sheet
Made in
250 Gr
Nutrition declaration
Carbohydrates: 82gr
Fatty acids sat: 0g
For 100g / 100ml Energy: 327kcal / 1390kj
Nectar : 82 gr
Protein: 0g
Rough Material : 0g
Salt: 0g
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